HE Festival of Data 2019: Part 1

Do you suffer from post-conference time distortion?

You have just been to an excellent conference and you come away bursting with ideas and inspiration, you’ve networked well with people who are interested in the same things as you and then you return to work… Some months of distraction later you look back and think: what happened there? Welcome to post-conference time distortion. This has happened too often to me, with a few notable exceptions.  I am determined that this time things will be  different.

I am on my way home from the HE Festival of Data at the University of Huddersfield. There were some excellent talks and workshops and I thought to myself ‘I must share these with my colleagues’. So returning on the train, leaving aside the fact that someone apparently shooting at the train had delayed it a bit, I began to write up my notes. As I looked at the profiles of the speakers I began to read some of their work and importantly their blogs and realised that here was the perfect way to report back. I’ll start blogging about it. So I started to write and here we are.

So who were these speakers who’s talks will be inspiring a series of blog posts here? 

  • Mario Ferelli (former Director of Analytical Services at HEFCE and former Operational Research Consultant at the Office for Students) on “How to survive the data jungle”,
  • Andy Youell(former Director of Data Policy and Governance at HESA) covered the sector’s relationship with data,
  • David Kernohan(Associate Editor of Wonkhe) looked at the effect of data on student choice,
  • Jackie Njoroge(Deputy Chair of HESPA and Director of Strategy at University of Salford) emphasised the need for timely data and
  • Sally Turnbull(Director of Planning and Insight at UCLan) gave us an insight into UK League Table data.

I hope you will come back to hear more about what they said.

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